Silent world?

Maybe in the box? Maybe in the coffin? Maybe if you lock your self up? Maybe in your pocket? Maybe theresn’t. Many times people wish to find a place where there is no distractions, movements, sounds or noise. We struggle so much and even end up establishing personal offices just to enjoy some free time alone. Others prefer doing online business while at home. But however much we try to move ourselves far away from these, it keep following us. When we pretend to be silent, people just find a means of injecting us into the pressure. They never want us to mute alittle bit. It proves the saying that freedom is not free, where the social nature just has to be full of distractions. Try to concentrate on your phone or maybe reading an article, someone just finds a means of interfering with it. Some may caugh, jump here and there, ask something from you, do a noisy task, make a phone call etc. They just want to seek your attention from you. This is often out of your control, thats why I always advice people to focus on their tasks.


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