Have you ever felt these feeling after smoking weed? Maybe am not alone in these..

After taking certain puffs, the worlds underneath feelings starts visioning up. You see as if every people is up to you. Sounds, noisea and movements starts knocking up. Maybe its meditation or hallucination or overthinking or maybe its uniqueness. Every action you place seems to be thought of. You start feeling as if people are only focused on your life. You will questions many things surrounding life. Life starts to be like a movie until the day you quit. You view things in a different perspective than others. You imagine of some cops are up to you. Whenever you sit you start analyzing for how far the clock is racing up with the sun. Things never be like before. You feel like you are far or behind others life experienced. The hope of not to be in a problem start boiling. Friends calls all over ringing over and over again. Any music you hear on speaker seems to educating you than before. You become little lazy on doing some task, all you think of is sleeping drunked with loud songs full of sexy ladies. This premonitions feel like you hadn’t been thinking all these past day. Any article you reading seems to be sweet and little intresting maybe just be cause you understanding or video graphics are apetising. You wish a horny cougar could pass by to say hello. Whenever you walk you feel like all eyes on you. Wishing to find a lonely single lady could be relaxed some where drinking so that you could seduce her freely and with lots of courage. Pretending to be swearing never to quit weed in your life. You start feeling how you can best in every thing you. You feel shy in public forums and even fear to do something in public. You just all you do to be in secret and no one to interfere or judge whatever you do. You feel to be talkative or silent till your meditation ends up dying. When you swallow something on your mouth, the movement of the food seems to be pumping pressure on your brain veins. Things seems to be not hard to be done.


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