Quick makeovers to freshen up living spaces

Giving your house a new look needs not be a bank or bank breaking exercise with these ideas.

It’s a little after mid-year and youe living space could be feeling dull and dreary.

Here are a few budget friendly ways to lift the mood and re-energise your furnishings, which will take minimal time and effort.

Change scatter cushions

Doing this will immediately give your sofas a face lift. Get new fillers and new cushions so that they are firm. It is always best to use a cushion cover that contrasts the colour of the sofa so that they pop out. Have two or three different types of cushions to add some whimsical fun to your space. Using two to three neon colours will make your spsce feel happier.

Change your curtains

The warm weather is coming back and you want to prepare to enjoy the sun rayd right in your sitting room. This you can achieve by something as easy as changing your curtains. Coloured sheers with lighter curtains, both in weight and in colour, will cheer up your space and make the space more interesting and enjoyable. Have wrought iron or cloth tiebacks to pull back the curtains and let in the sun rays as you alloe as much fresh air to pemeate into the room.


To give your bedroom a quick make over – have various coloured bedspread covers that are easily washable and can be placed over a bedcover for an instant new look. These should be affordable and easy to maintain. The cover can be changed every month to give the room a new fresh look each month and to remove the dreary aspect that comes with sameness. Scan around the room and remove things that mess up your space such as pile of electric wires criss-crossing a room. These can trunked out of sight and kept much safer and neater. Whether for your living space or your life, doing the same thing over-and-over again can make you bored beyond belief. So learn to add variety into your life. Re-arrange the furniture in a room, toss out old clothes and clutter, add or sell some of the furniturr and use the money to buy a new piece. All this will keep your space interesting and lovable to live in.


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