We are a nation on wheels. Kenyans love cars. We own cars. But we rarely read their manual.

Cars can be mysterious. We can use them in different ways to our benefit. Some functions are however hidden and not many car owners know them. The following are seven ways you can use your car (or carc accessories) to make life enjoyable, fun or just easier.


Picture this: you have come to the end of a long week. You want to unwind. At the back of your mind you are only thinkinh about driving to an exotic place and having some good lunch with a friend or someone you love. Most modern hatchbacks and SUV have wide boot spaced that can comfortably accomodate two people and provide enough ‘table’ space. Some SUVs have tailgates that open sideways. SUVs have tailgates that open vertically – providing umbrella-like shade aganaist the afternoon sun.


Like with every machine built for man cars fail – sometimes when we most need them. A seasoned driver will tell you that card stall in the most unexpected of places. If this ever happens to you, in a remote area, you will need every tool possible to attract help. Your voice may not be able to reach far. You may not be able to walk to the nearest place where help is feasible. This is why every car manufactured today equips their units with at least one flare. Flares come in different colours. They could be orange or red (especialy with thr ex-jampan imports)


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