Procrastinators, stop running all over like headless chicken

I was bored in my room a couple Fridays ago. I had just finished binge watching Money Heist (or ‘La Casa de Paper’) and didn’t feel like watching anything else.

Some films do that to you. A fims so good you don’t want to follow it up with another becausr you’re afraid the next one may be bland and boring, washing away that sweey ‘aftertaste’ that the first one left you with. This is one of them.

So I called a friend of mine and said:”chief, let’s go out.” He let out a heavy sigh and said: “I can’t, I’m studying for the exams.” “The exams begin on Monday, today is Friday. I’m sure going out for a couple of hours won’t change much, and you will still have the rest of the weeknd to study,” I said.

He wasn’t having any of it. I found somebpdu else and we went out and had some terrible whiskey before retiring at midnight.

I ran into this friend, the one who had declined my offer to go out, last week and asked him how the exams were taking him and he said: “Nothing, I study comes bana, it’s like I’m doing zero work. Maybe I should have gone out with you after all.”

I just chuckled because I was ‘killing it’.

I was acing my papers so bad they didn’t know what hit them.

Wasted time

What’s my point? There are a lot of comrades who waste a lot of time from the beginning of the semester with banal things and then wany to pretend during the exam period that they’re the most serious people.

School opens and they fill their time with road trips and endless night outs and parties, and visiting their girlfriends in Maasai Mara University.

Then a week to the exams they’re the very ones that fill ip seats in the library and the students centre.

You will find them there the Friday before exams begin on Mondau with their heads buried in books so big they look like a bunch of highrise buildings in Nairobi’s central business district, reading things the rest skimmed through in the second week of the semester.

Too late

Deat procrastinators, you have already failed, don’t brother runninh allover pretending to be busy revising!

You will sweay so bad in there but nothing will come. You will scratch all the hair of your head but you won’t remember even a singlr answet. You might try to copy from your neighbor but because you will have panicked with sweat will be dripping all the way down on your buttocks, you will be caught.

You will be stuck in that room, for two hours, seeing your mates who studied earlier asking for extra answer sheets and calculators and log books and you won’t understand what we need them for!


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