Be warned! You could be driving a ‘written-off’ car

How they do it

1. Sh100,000 & Sh200,000

The crooks buy a salvage at between Sh100,000 and Sh200,000. Anothet Sh100 may be used for bribing.

2. Scouts, armed robbers, slay queens are contracted to steal a model corresponding to the salvage.They are at liberty to use guns, charms or drugs to subdue drivers of targeted cars.

4. The stolen car, which has a new identity is then taken to a bazaar and offered for sale.


For a bargaining price of Sh800,000 to Sh1 million, the stolen car has a new identity, new owner and new home.

3. The tracking device is dismantled crooked and police officers are tipped not to circulate widely details of the stolen car.

The stolen car’s chassis and engine numbers are altered and replaced with thosecof the salvage using a sophisticated gadget.

The front seat belt of the salvage, which contains car details are also interchanged with those of the stolen one.


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