Why music has lost its taste?

Back in the days, music used to be the happiness in every pack. People could admire great artist and even branding their properties some of the top artists name, picture or label. People could spend lots of money to pay for the ticket shows and even come in excess masses. Music used to be the grand culture in radios, tv, festivals, ceremonies, parties, dating dinners etc. But as they say tables turn, is true for todays generation. People have lost the taste in music. Many artists have considered music as a competition forum not an educative one as before. A part from a few, many artists produce informal music. Informal regarding; lyrics content, rythim, creativity and emotional touch. They end up spending much on the video and not considering audio that much. They end up spending much time on beats and not considering the lyrics. Many want to look on the number of albums they have launched, despite of the spread of their music. They want to brag around with little money than focusing on creating a strong foundation for their brand. Thats why many come in the industry for a period and shut down again. Others even quit and drop their ideas into something else. Others just loose hope. Other die due to conflicts and gradges they make with fellow artists on the industry. Artist have become soo domant in team work as compared on old times of West lie, Stanely & turbines, Bob marley & Wailors, London Beat, Backstreet boys just to name by a few. These crews used to rock decades of generation till today. But the music of today is not that good for great listeners. Many artist make noisy, fast, short and more colours and graphics, these distracts and captures people attention more than what you are saying or enforcing. Artists have a great opportunity to reflect back to the real culture of music. Music is the love, happiness, unity and teamwork spirit of people not competition and braggativeness.

Do you agree with me? Whats your view?


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