Its been fantasy these…

There are at times when my mothers could claim how lazy and buzzy I became with my laptop and books all time. Research and knowledge from books & websites became my breakfast early as day begins. Maybe I was addicted, maybe I was in love. At times I could skip meals just to have a taste of pages to open up my mind. I could spend hours blogging along my pillow, chairs and even outdoor. I just felt like it was nothing great but mere fun. Knowledge had more sweetness than honey. I felt like I was in a new peaceful world. Feared nothing. Talked less. Revelation was knocking after few readings. World became like a place to study and learn secrets hidden between the lines. At times, I thought I was ageing slowly and unkowingly. I had more ideas in mind but never thought could share all of it. I felt like I should read more and more. Countless articles, countless words. Data became my companion. Any thing could buy on shops, you easly find me reading instructions, contents etc. I could stare at tv interviews, advertisements and more programs I could come across. Life became a knowledge driven to me. I never considered peoples oral advice that much apart from books & online research. Before doing anything else, I could research for adequate information on procedures, measures etc. Fantasy became my great experience when anything else important I came across made me conduct intensive research. Experience has made me a wise student since I never gave up till today. I earn from what I love doing. Many could say a ‘job’ but to me is more than a family to me. I just cant explain further. Fantasy! Fantasy! Fantasy! Welcome to the world of fantasy.


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