Irony of reality?

At some point in life, we become more negative in our attitudes and thoughts towards what is around us. We end up filling gaps that even others aren’t aware off. For example you may end up claiming the your neighbour nextdoor is making noise for you by raising music volume. This also can be compared by a small baby crushing toys down as you try to read your novel. If you end up having negative thoughts, you may see both characters as distrubing or disliking what you are trying to concentrate on. Maybe they are not. They are trying to be responsible thats why they gain that power. Or may be as they say, actions speaks louder than voice. Thats why you cant complain of the chirping of birds or your cocks and ducks skylarking on your compound. Sometimes we blend fake negative thoughts on others just because of nothing else, but attitude. Why cant we be optimistic and happy for others all time? Why cant we focus on what benefits us than what prevents us from benefitting?

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