Are you don’t care?

Since I became my life decision maker, things around me keep on changing. More haters, more procastination, more rumours, more famausity, more more and more. But I hold firm. Many people pretend to seek my attention and help from me. But I always wonder what can I offer them. Because however we keep giving them empowering and inspiring words, some of them never learn and take it for granted. They always focus their mind on tangible help i.e fund raising, free treatments, lottery etc. They never consider what we advice them. They just see it as mere words and routine. They may end up calling you selfish for no reason. You become responsible but they don’t see it. They never learn the process, all they wan’t to come when all is cooked and ready to be consumed. They make their babies cry pleading our help and yet they spend time gossiping and never become responsible for them. They all plan to ruin our duties with their small distractions. Later they paint you evil, selfish, heartless, stupid, wisefool, don’t care etc. Are you on this shoes?


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