Physical damage– external forces acting on the hair– can cause breakage to hair and hair loss.

• Your choice of hairstyle can lead to hair damage, as frequently wearing styles that put pressure on your hairline can lead to receding of the hairline at your temples. Hair can also be damaged by pulling it too tightly during braiding or try a ponytail. Because of the convenience of braids and weaves, we also often neglect treatment of our hair, which can lead to hair loss.

• The use of thermal tools damages hair, as in the process of blow-drying or flat-ironing hair, moisture is lost. If the hair is not properly treated, this leads to dryness of the hair, and eventually breakages set in.

Spending time in the sun xan cause your hair to bleach, which dries your hair out, and can lead to eventual damage to the hair.


• Do not concentrate on hairstyle that put too much pressure on your hair.

• Make sure that tacking is not too tight when you do your braids.

• Try to minimise the use of thermal tools on your hair, but if you can’t, make sure deep-condition your hair regularly.

• Use the roller set method as an alternaitive to tongs and hot combs, as this helps to lock moisture into hair.

• Steam hair regularly with hot oil treatment to avoid dryness, and always condition using products that are high in moisturw content.


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