The abuse, and inapropriate use, of chemicals such as colouring and relaxers lead to damage of hair.

Hair colouring and tinting is a majoe cause of chemical hair damage, as the use of extremely high-strength peroxide erodes moisture in the hair. When not properly conditioned afterwards, this can lead to severe hair damage.

Hair relaxers may cause breakage of hair loss as the chemicals that are used to straighten out the kinks in black hair also weaken the hair follicles.

The excessive use of some products can dry hair out. The excessive use of hair spritz, for example, in combination with a hot iron, burns into the hair cuticle, damaging the hair.


• Always use a professional stylist to apply colours and tints, as they know your original colour level, and what level you can get at any point in time.

• Choose your relaxer carefully and carry out a strand test to ensure you don’t use the incorrect relaxer strength.

• Avoid the application of any chemical treatments by non-professionals.

• Always condition your hair regularly.


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