The psychology behind why some women prefer tall men

When it comes to romantic relationships and dating, everyone has their own preferences physically. However, there are women who prefer taller men.

A study published in the Personality and Individual Differences found that women often prefer taller men.

Kitae Sohn, a professor of economics at Konkuk University in South Korea, carried out the research. He questioned 7,850 married women and established that greater the height differencw between husband and wife, the higher levels in the wife.

Netherlands, Germany, Australia and Canada are said to have the tallest men in the world.

According to psychology Today, tall men are appealing to most women and there’s a reason behind it.

Tall men have higher self esteem, are happier and are less likely to feel jealousy.

Height, just like weight is equated to strengthin the human subconsious. When someone is towering over you or appears bigger in size, your mind automatically registers that they are stronger.

For a woman to stare at a tall man, she has to “look up”. This is translated in the subconscious mind as to “look up to”. This provides a sense of security and dependance.

It is thought that when a man is taller, he is dominant and is able to provide security for his family.


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