The most disturbing thing happening to children all round the world

Children all round the world should live a care free life withthe chance to have as many doors opened for them to choose the lifestyle that fits them. That is the case in many Western democracies. However, in many other countries — especially in thr Middle East, children have very few doors opened to them. They live in a restricted situations in which they can’t do a whole lot. The saddest lot are children who are born into a Civil War situation. They don’t know a world that is not about survival.

Children of Civil Wars

There is no way that a child who is raised in the midst of Civil War can group in a normal fashion. They start their life with parents who are in the midst of major trauma and they themselves even think that trauma is normal. They then continue this lifestyle for many years. How are they supposed to end up normal in that kind of situation?

The latest studies of psychology indicate that trauma is even transferred to the next generation. What that means is that trauma penetrates to genetic make up of a person in such a deep manner that unkowing children become silent victims of the original crises. This is one of explanations of downward spirals in countries that nwver seem to grow out of the third-world status.

What is the solution to this worldwide calamity? Do we have to wait till there is world peace that spreads to every corner of the world? Thats too pestimistic. A better is the Rader’s Digest Solution. Pump information out to the world in as many languages as possible via the internent. Enable as many people as possible via technology to access the information. The younger generation will see that a different world exists outside of the cocoon. Gradually, they will serve as the fifth coloumn that will open their present leadership in order to live a more relative more free and happy life — even if not a Western lifestyle like we do.


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