Simple things are your blessings! Show a little love

How you do a little thing determines how you can a whole of it. Attitude you put on you chores determines the out come. Its good to show some love to others no matter how bad or worse they are to us. Maybe they lack what we have because of not their faults. Maybe they couldn’t afford schools. Maybe they aren’t good in books but are great in arts. Human beings are unique and different. We may end up judging others regardless of not knowing their stories. What if they are orphans? What if they got genetical brain trauma? We all have limitations and weaknesses but we just got to have empathy and share alittle love with others. So much money in club, how much time do you spend with your family? So much money on the watch, how much money do you buy food for the needy? So much money for the shoes on feet, how much money do you buy your friends somwle shoes? So much money on the betting, how much time to help pay hospital bills for needy. They say do good and good shall come back to you. You don’t have to spend time bragging off your wealth, be kind and do good to others. We all have moments in life and we need to spend well with others. Everything on this world is vanity. All you need to do is spend your time welll and alteast appreciate those around. Blessings is all about giving and not receiving. Simple things are your blessings, you better notice your blessings.


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