Poor minds are easy to detect. Here are some common habits

Poor minds are so easy to detect. They always complain no matter how good or bad you try to be. Theu are born of being great gossipers. All time are talkative and emotoinal pressurised.They never appreciate whatever they got. They keep on comparing theirselves with others. They place money before anything else. They are full of pleasurable activities especially sexual intercose and TV watching. They always seek conflicts with peaceful minds. They are always shy and fear changing their life. They prefer cheap things and sugary foods. They undermine education and never want their kids to be more intelligent than them. They are into marriages and bearing of children. They always want to be recognised before anything. They love greetings especially handshake than onlone communication. They offer advice frequently than listening to peoples advice. They are lottery and lucky minded people. They preffer friend to family. They are dirty and careless. They ignore simple things. Poor shall remain poor and rich shall become more richer unless they change their mindset and be ready to learn.


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