10 common reasons uqyou are not losing weight

You’ve been working out like crazy, but not losing weight. Many of us have been caught up in the dilemma.

Don’t despair? Here is why you are not losing weight.

There are some if the reason.


Increased stress levels impact your state of mind. Countless studies have shown that stress causes weight loss in a majority of people.

Unhealthy eating

Keeping your weight in check involves being careful anout what you eat. Eat a well balanced diet in the correct quantities.

Full dependency on exercise

Somw peopls tend to put all their efforts in exercise alone and after they see no change they give up. Workouts should come hand in hand with healthy diets. If you eat alot and work out at the same time you will gain alot of weight.


This is the key to healthy living. The body needs alot of water for normal functioning of the body as it also prevent dehydration. Taking plenty of water will keep you full all the time hence reducing chances of hunger.

Carbs consumption

Taking carbs on a daily basis won’t help if you want to cut on some kilos. Any food substance that containd sugar leads to weigjt gain hence should be avoided.

Expecting fast results

Anything good takes time. When you expect quick results then there is a higj probability of you giving up on the way. For better results you need to put more effort and be patient until you achieve your goals.

Processed foods

Processed foods contain a lot of sugar and calories that are not nutritious to the body. This is a no-go-zone if one wants to cut down the fats in your body.

Eating a lot

At times we gey to eat without paying attention to the portiond don’t just full up your plate and eat one big meal. Experts advise you eat six small meals a day.


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