Why city women are going crazy about coconut

Have you seen the world “coconut” on your social media timeline lately?

Are you wondering why the fruit had become the talk on social media? Well, wonder no more.

The discussion about coconut started in the famous “Kilimani Mums Udaku Zone” on Facebook Apparently, the coconut being discussed has to do with bedroom matters.

According to the women in the group, coconut moves are perfomed by women during sex.

The women has to be on top during the session where she gyrates her waist as if writting the world coconut.

According to the women, once a woman achieved this she is guaranteed to get everything from her man.

This information excited the members of the group with most peomising to share the feedback after trying the moves.

The information has spread to other social media platformd with many left wondering why coconut is trending.


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