What to do on first date

In every first data we all try to give a good first impression. This is because you may want to see them again and you don’t know them well. For the first date to be success and turn out the way you wanted, here is what you need to know:

Be confident

Confidence comes from your dressimg and how you carry yourself. Man and Woman love confidence and its considered an attraction. Before stepping out for the date, have some time infront of the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful/handsome and remember you are worth a million bucks!

Dress up

Nobody will want a second date if you don’t look presentablr for the first one. For the men, cut your nails, keep the hair neat, shower, smell good and choose official or smart casual. For the ladies, do not show much skin, acoid wearing too tight outfits, apply simple make up and do not wear heels if you can’t walk in them.

Be yourself

For a first date to be a success, always be yourself because this is how you will naturally attract the right person. Once you pretend to be someone else, it will eventually show in time. This will make one think you are fake person and no body wants to be associated with that.


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