Things to never do when texting your spouse

When distant with your partner one of the typical way that partners keep in touch with others through texting.

While texting there arw things that every partner should never do as it might result in your partner start negatively carrying you. Here are some of the things that you should never do when texting your significant other.

1. Don’t go nuts with the emojis

Now that we also have emojis that people happen to like using on their text, it should also have a limit of how rampant you are using them. Overusing the emojis will result in you looking immature and might even send the wrong information to the recipient.

2. Don’t ask too many question at once

Many people have the problem of asking too many questions at once over the text. Asking a lot of questions is something every partner should avoid. The main reason as to why you should avoid asking questions is because your significant other might get bored.

3. Don’t go overboard with abbreviations

Its okay to use abbreviations once in a while. However, avoid going overboard as your partner might not understand some of the abbreviations.

Giving your spouse ahard time trying to identify everysingle abbreviation will result in him or her getting bored chating with you.


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