The dilema in seduction that still worries me.

I once started being worried about which kind of girl should I trust . Every girl I seduced was kinda simple and free to mingle up with me. They all accepted and rejected me so simple. We never argued or conflicted on betrayal or privacy. I ended up being the kind of humble, funny, social, handsome, responsible and respectful. I always gave each of them the full attention and focused. I played my cards so well that every move I made while dating ended up so quite well until we departed ways after long sexual enjoyment and great moments. No one seemed to be best that the other. Each girl became like same twin sisters. I never pushed my self to them either. Whenever they said ‘yes’ it was yes and nothing more. These girls ended up making the uncondioltional love so revealing. I wonderd how to come up with a conflict or issues but it seem so tragic to develop it. So am still thinking how comes this relationship comes too easily? Am I too good to know my responsibilities.

Kindly advice me am really in dilema?

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