3 things your neighbours will never tell you

Everyone of us has neighbours and getting a long well with them makes your stay at your home easier.

Its important to treat your neighbours with the most utmost respect since they might be of great help to you later.

However, there are some things your neighbours will never tell you and this include:

1. They are using your Wi-Fi

Your neighbours will keep quiet if they happen to access your Wi-Fi. To ensure this doesn’t happen it is always advisable to protect your Wi-Fi with a password. Ensure you do not include your name in the password.

2. Some of them fight loud

Your neighbours will never tell you to be prepared for the loud fights at night until you experience it yourself. It is uncomfortable listening to fights by your neighbours especially if you interact with them on a regular basis. You can reducr the noise by closing your window.

3. Presence of bedbugs

Bedbugs are so annoying qnd can be abit difficult to eradicate. Most of your neighbours will not only tell you if the Bedbugs exist until its too late. However, some people choose to fumigate their houses before settling it.


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