There is power in reading? Is it confusion or magic.

I sometimes pick a novel to read when I am bored, allover sudden I hear somebody knocking at my door. I open, only to find him asking for simple favours. Nomatter how I try as fast as possible to help up and resume tou study, my kids come around jumping up & down making funny noices like laughing and joking around. As I offered them some coins to go out on the far street shops and buy whater they would want and give me space. This doesn’ t turn to be so easy, only to realize my next distractors are neighbour. One was pretenting to be slashing the short-grass behind my yard for about an hour. I become so critised by his action and i choose to close the windows with all the curtains tight. I try again to push on to the few pages later trying to focus all my attention. But it outrageously turn out that my phone gets ringing- my wife calling. She reminds me to watch over the boiling beans on the jiko if it needs addition of more water or charcoal capacity. I rush and do as told then quickly jump on my novel for about 15 minutes. My novel reading starts drawing a soothing my attention. I am now on page 156 out of 784 pages. I gues you already know which novel am talking about– of course it is Gorrilla’s Empire by Carlos et Santakroos Former Drama Novel Writers Winners Choice( D.N.W.W). If you already know it, you can give atestimony of its sweetness storylines. I find no more peace again, after my boss calls me for an emergency meeting to his office. In the middle of crisis im forced to wait for my kids, to return before getting up for the call. Before I could do so, our 2months bavy wakes up yelling loud, as my wife is at our green-house plucking some tomatoes. Chickens are all noisy all over the compound. Our cat, pet seems to be hungry. My roteken gets depleted. It all starts rainong heavily. The clothes are full on the hang-line. Our drying maize is up on the roof. My boss is waiting. The car lacks fuel. My phone battery is warning. Am sweating and hungry. Confusion confusion confusion. Am in deep confused manner. Why has all these arise out just imediately I picked up the novel to read. Is something powerful underneath? Why is the external realities turning out in a suddenly drastic preasure?


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