Society in digital phone crisis

In todays society phones have replaced the human life reality. People spend alot of time with their phones than with their loved ones or people around them. We have come into worship of our phones since the introduction of google & internet. Smartphones have been developed with extreme features into influencing masses to end up undermining the power of traditions laws and customs which were generated by our fore fathers. Technology has modeled peoples minds into crazy-don’t care chaps. Youths have copied a lifestyle culture from the trends on complex graphic phenomenon generated on the music and movie videos. They close schools and forget about books till last craving times to opening. Some end up being social media top-influencers. Since the expansion of networkin through smartphones children have discovered alot compared to to their parents. They end up making hasty decisions on faulty belief of ‘one night-shift’ success. They have become so much dependant on phones than anything more. Some common apps like facebook, whatsapp, instagram and twitter have become the social gatherings for moral branding. You will easily differentiate between a ‘phone-minded guy’ and a ‘local-village guy’ by their looks. A phone-minded one tends to wear headphones or earphones with additional expensive materialistic wears. They always associate with the half-naked tight lipstick girlfriends. All they like is partying, smoking, and relationship conflicts resulting into crimes and depression. Phones changes morals they say. But who is to be blamed? The user or the provider. Society has broke up into digital chaps vs local chaps. Gambling, ponography, frauds, blackmails, media-influrnce, business bankrupt, materialism trends et both emerge from the smart phones our children own. But a wise man once said that:

When a child cries for razor blade, give him, when he gets hurt he has no body to blame.

Give me your comments and views upon this. Kindly feel free to share your opion. It will be highly appreciated.


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