Who knows?

Life has become an invisible phenomenon. We end up considering ourselves more better than others either by influence or by beliefs. A childborn in a poor family, will grow with poor influence & beliefs and vice versa is true. Humanity have craved for power & recognition over other beings. We all create opinions and doctrines to separate our so called ‘class’ or ‘status’ from others due to what we possess/own. We tend to forget that: the difference between the poor and the rich, is their mindsets. We are different and unique. That doesn’t need to discriminate or judge others of their actions. Lets stop being jealous of the external realities in a relation to our internal realities. What do you know when you keep learning everyday? These mere data that we come by in our readings, doesn’t justify to be correctly true. Some bloggers and writters are just here for money or other self benefits. Always re-think before entrusting an article you ain’t sure of. We can’t keep on being controlled or influenced easily due to the habits we carry out everyday. Life is full of wonders, if you ain’t ready for suprise then you better be. It all starts by spending decades building a masion and it callapse in 15 minutes. What really counts? Who knows?


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