What is importance of an Antagonists in a story?

If your hero/heroine didn’t have any problems what kind of a story would that be? She/he would get out of bed, have breakfast, read a book, watch a movie, go back to bed. Tha end. Who’s gonna read that.

Every goodbook needs a hero & avillian. Now the villian doesn’t have to be evil: it could be the woman who is after your husband of the guy who wants your job and is trying to make you look bad. It doesn’t even have to be human, it can be a protagonist out on the ocean dove fighting a storm. Remember the movie Life of Pi? That guy was stranded on a boat with a tiger.

Its very important thay the reader falls in love with your hero/heroine. A reader must worry and care what happens to them. Without that, your story will be flat. All good books are character driven. You can have the best, most wonderful story in the world, but if the reader doesn’t care if your hero dies or not, they won’t read the book. The hero drives the story. (And I use the word hero, but it could br a man or a woman). He has to have a visible goal, which is his outer motivation for what he does, and an inner goal, which is somethingin his past that is holding him back. The inner turmoil could be a longing or need, a deeply held desire that he is afraid to go after or an old want from affecting his life, a strong belief such as “If I love I will be hurt” or a fear of experiencing the pain he had felt before. You must have him conquer this inner torment by the end. The hero has to grow in order for you to reach a satisfying ending to your outer story.

Lets say our hero has hired to blow up a building. In this version, we don’t know anything about him, his background, why he even took this type of job, we don’t like him very much. If he sets the bomb and completes the job, that’s not very intresting read. But what if he falls in love with lady who works in the coffee shop on the first floor and finds out there’s aday carecenter on the 10th floor with 42 little kids in it? Now he’s conflicted. He saw kids being hurt in the war and he wants no part of this. He tries to back out, but the bad guys are pushing him to complete the job or else they’re going to hurt his own daughter. Now we have a good story going — and the reader’s attention.

There are five ways to initially draw your reader to the hero. Choose two to work with and be sure to include them in the first few pages of your book. Hook the reader right way.

1. Creat sympathy, make him the victom of something or some underserved misfortune.

2. Put him in Jeopardy, make us worry about him.

3. Make him likable or liked by others.

4. Make him funny.

5. Make him powerful in some good way.

In order to creat a memorable character you, as the writer, must know him inside and out. Know what makes h tick, what makes him mad, what makes him act out. Then uou will know how he will react when you put him in danger, or threaten to run his business, or have his lovers leave him. Creat a background story for him.

There are lots of character checklist you can find in the internent, but don’t spend much time on it. His favourite color is probably not all that important to the story. Focus on the items on the list that carved out his personality and/or made him the man he is today.

Think out his characters. Did they have a crappy childhood? Were they rich? Poor? Mom was drunk? Dad was jailed? Did they have a privileged life? Were they in the military and saw despicable behaviour? Did they take part in it? All these things will shape who they are and how they deal with the situations you’re going to put them into, and how they will react to others, especially the love interest. Make them intresting and not clitched. They can be taught but remember we have to like them, so don’t make them too cold. Give them a soft side. A hero always does the right thing, even if his behaviours is not always perfect. Make sure your character cares passionately about what is happening. Give him emotions. If he doesn’t care, why should the reader? Also, give him a flaw. No body is perfect and we hate reading about– perfect people.


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