5 habits linked to long life

Who doesn’t want to live long? Nobody. We all wish to live for atleast a quarter adecade. After reading this article, you will get yourself equipped with some of the tips to increase your life expectancy.

Here are five things you should do to live a longer life.

1. Enough sleep

Many people ignore sleep by regarding it as laziness. Hovever, expert explain that too little or no sleep is bad for your health.

Should you wish to lice longer, ebsure you sleep for atleast seven hours a night. When you sleep your body regeneraye its tissues and strengthens your immune system.

2. Manage stress

Stress is very detrimental to one’s life. People living with stress and depression often die from different health complication. It is said that stress triggers an inflammatory reaction of the immune system thereby exposing your body to dangers. You can manage stress through excercising or going to the spa for a massage.

3. Say no to prpcessed foods

This generation has come with tonnes of processed foods. These foods are not healthy for your body systems.

Majority of them have added sodium, saturelated fat, added sugar and are fibre deficient. They mostly cause cardiovascular diseases, highblood pressure and cancer.

4. Stop sitting still

Sitting the whole day in the office and later during yourself home and then gping straight to be on a daily basis is harmful to your longetiviry. Set a few minutes a day to excercise. This will lrngrhen you lifespan.

5. Nurture your social circle

Maintaining a healthy social network can help you live longer. Be around people you can explain yourself to, people who can help you handle your strss.

Remember keeping your problems to yourself isn’t advisablw because it negatively affects you from the inside.

Also consider quitting smoking and limiting your alcohol intake if you want to live longer


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