My boyfriend and I want to take our relationship to the next level, but I don’t feel comfortable undressing in front of him. How do I get over this and enjoy a fulfilled sex?

Regardless of how we look, it’s normal to feel uneasy, anxious, awkward or vulnerable when we’re fully undressed in front of our partners. We can be overly critical when it comes to our bodies and how we believe others perceive us. And, as you already realise, the way we think about ourselves can tie us down and unfairly prevent us from expressing our true desires. No-one has a perfect body– not even those “perfect-looking” models. Does your boyfriend expect you to look like a supermodel? Chances are he doesn’t. He may even have similar concerns himself and qonder whether you expect him to look like a body-builder or athlete. Why not have a heart-to-heart chat with him about what both of you find atfractive in each other? If you continue to have low self-esteem or are unhappy with your body image, take a class or a workshop that deals with boosting your confidence.


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