How digital eye strain comes about

Given how integral electronic displays have become to our daily lives, the advice we grew up with about not getting too close to TV screens is no longer applicable.

Still, the negative effect that electronic displays have on our eyes, especially when we use them for extended periods of time, cannot be wished away. This means we need some form of mitigation. When we read or look at something, say a computer or phone, at close range for any extended period of time, there are changesxthat our eyes go through. Changes that require effort.

First, the pupil gets smaller, which requires muscle movement. The next thing is that your eyes neef to pull together and converge to look at the screen in front of you, which also takes some muscle work.

Once this is done, the next thing your eyes have to do is focus. That is, once you move your eyes fr looking at something in the distance to somethong closer, your eyes have to clear the image you are looking at, which is what’s called focus. This also requires effort from the muscles that change the shape of the lens in the eye.

Just like when our feet ache when we walk around too much, our eyes can also get tired, which presents in certain ways. The most notable symptoms are burning and itching. You may also feel some pulling around the eye socket or experience double vision. That’s when you know you neef a break.


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