Hot career tip

Don’t hold yourself back

Avoiding doing things at work? Here us how to overcome your resistance and tacke important, high-value tasks quickly and efficiently so you can move forward faster:

• Identify what you are resisting

Is it calling that unhappy customwr, havibg a difficult conversation about a colleague’s perfomance or hesitating over takinh the first steps towards making a caree change?

• Assess how important the task is

Where does the task or project you are avoiding fit into your roles, responsibilities and goals?

• Understand why you are resisting

Common reasons include lack of clarity about the next step, poor work habits and fear of operating outside your comfort zone.

• Act upon this knowledge

Work within a structure. Determine the next specific action and do it. Break daunting work into small steps and start the first step now. Overcome fear, inertia or shyness by putting your resistance in perspective, then holf yourself accountable.

Be nice to people on your way up because you will meet them on your way down.

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