What to know about Apples

Research studies suggest apples may well be one of the healthiest foods. They are rich in important dietary fibre, antioxidants and flavanoids, making them good for the heart. They are also linked to lower risk of diabetes, and thry contain probiotic effects and promote good gut bacteria. They have compounds that help fight asthma and prevent cancer, and are good for weight loss. A medium sized apple has 95 calories and is filling.

Apples can be cooked, juiced and baked. There are over 100 varieties of applea around the world, eight of which are grown in Kenya. Fiji is my favourite variety and when I cannot get Fiji, I go for Pink Lady which is one of the imported varieties.

Apple slices with peanut butter spread, make for a nutritous healthy and filling snack. Homemade apple crips are another healthy, school snack for children. Apple pie (one of my favourite) make for a filling dessert.


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