The anatomy of a gambler

A joint survey by Ipsos and Geopoll, Unpacking Betting in Kenya, has attempted to lay bare the relationship between household income (the combined income of all members of a household) and betting.

It found that households with a monthly income of Sh0 to Sh77,000 from a majority of bettors in the country at 83 per cent, aganaist six per cent of household earning between Sh77,001 and Sh86,000.

Further, self employed people, who tend to be risk takers, bey the most at 33 per cent, followed by the unemployed (at 28 per cent), the employed (20 per cent) and students (18 per cent).

The survey added that 3 per cent of those who earn between Sh404,001 and Sh515,000 bet. Among those who take home more than thisa month, juat 1 per cenr bet.


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