Never experienced orgasm

I have been happily married for the last five years and I really love my husband and I know that he, too, loves me. The problem is that during all these five years, I have never archieved an orgasm and how wonderful it was and could not wait to experience it with my husband. Though I enjoy sex with him, I gey dissapointed every time I do not experience an orgasm. All my friends seem to have experienced it and I am beginning to think that there is something wrong with me. I fear talking about it with my husband because I feel that he will somehow think that I am accusing him. Am I normal? Please give me an answer because this is really killing me.

Stressed woman.

Yes you are normal. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Although most women enjoy having an orgasm, it is by no means essential and many women enjoy sex for a lifetine without ever having an orgasm. The books you had previously read probably gave you high expectations by implying that you would experience orgasm every time you become sexually intimate.

Also, the fact that your friends claim to have had them could also be making you feel inadequate. Don’t always take what you read as the gospel truth and take your friends’ boast with a pitch of salt. We think that you are spending too much time worrying about having an orgasm that this anxiety could itself be preventing you from achieving one.

You would be suprised to learn that once you stop having sex with the aim of achieving ab orgasm, you may just start getting them easily and in abudance.

You mentioned that you enjoy sex with your husband. We think that this is enough; after all, the end result of good lovemaking should be that you abd your partner feel relaxed and sexually relieved.


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