Treating shock in a child

Shock is a life-threatening state of collapse, when blood pressure falls dangerously low. It is a reaction to any severe injury, especially one in which your child has been badly burned or suffered heavy bleeding.

Symptoma to look out for are:

Pale, cold, sweaty skin.

Blue or greyish tinge inside the lips or under the finger nails.

Rapid and shallow breathing.


Drowsiness or confusion, and unconsiousness.

Treat shock by laying yout child down on her back, if possible on a coat or blanket. Turn her to one side, then raise her feet about 20 cms and rest them on a pilw of clothes or a bag. Do not raise them if she has a broken leg or a poisonous bite on her leg. Cover her with a blanket or coay, or cuddle her to keep her warm. Do not tru to watm her with a hot water bottle or an electrical blanket since this draws blood away from the vital body organs to the skin. If she complains of thirst, moisten her lips with a damp cloth. Do not give her anything to eat or drink, but you can give het sips of water if she has been badly burned.


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