Shorter people live longer?

Being short may mean a life of forever straining to reach the top shelf, but atleast it will be along life, according to new research. This research is sure to bring smiles to the faces of pint-sized people as it shows that the vertically challenged may live longer. Scientist have known fir some that the homone which controls height, called insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF), also controls ageing. In dogs, worms and mice, a low level of IGF means a longer life expectancy.

After examining various studies, an evolutionary biologist Dr. Amand Leroi now believes the same could apply to humans, who have the same insulin-based growth system. “A recent study shows thay dwarf mice live up to 75 per cent longer than normal mice,” says Leroi. And studies he has done with dogs show a similar thing–Great Danes die earlier than Chihuahuas, and so one would expect the same to be true to humans. Previous research had shown that taller people live longer and Dr. Leroi explains this discrepancy as ‘down to socio-economic factors such as nitrition’. Poorer people have inadequate levels of nutrition and are generally smaller and die earlier than richer people. But when socio-economic factors are eliminated, genetics will come into play, and this will show genetolically smaller people living longer,” Leroi says.


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