In times of stress, I advice the following:

1. Face the reality of the situation

Ask yourself what’s happening in your life and, instead of blaming others, look at what you can do to get beyond it.

2. Make sure the place that you value most in your life

Your home-gets the time, effort and energy it deserves to become a haven for you. Work on your domestic relationships and create an environment that is loving and supportive.

3. Take time out

For yourself and give yourself the things you deserve. Have long, luxuriating baths, go for walks, eat and exercise regularly and treat yourself to a pampering massage or facial.

4. Understand that your energy gets depleted

Bu caring for someone who’s critically ill and needs to hold you back professionally, you’ll discover it’s not anyone else_it’s you. This is because we all have free will but we soldem know how to use it.

Bottom line

Rise above circumstances and make impact with yourself to believe that you are worthy of success. The best way to do this is to think of yourself –and all other human beings –as a mine full of priceless gems. In order to find the gems inside a mine, you have to sift through piles of dross. Above all, you have to understand that you are not what happens to you. You’re far beyond your circumstances: whethet you’re a victim of physical abuse or living in abject poverty, you can’t allow yourself to be defined this way. Forget about making ecmxcuses: ‘When this or that happend, I’ll change.’ You need to make up your mind, activate your will and decide to change now. Of course, any form of change is tough , but by going pn your journey, you’ll be well rewarded. And it’s perfectly acceptable to seek help, whether thtlrough books or workshops, spiritually or through professionals. However we do it, each of us has the power to find our own answers_and our own way ahead.

Bad things happen in every life and obviously these hinder you career. But when you go on your journey , you will discover wonderful tjings about on your jouermey. But the most important thing is for you to go this route, otherwiae you’re doomed to life of total dispair, and you’ll never be as great- in every area of your life –ad you were intended to be!


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