Cancers which tend to ruin in families and which affect women

These types of cancer include:

Skin cancer

Certain families have large, flat, multi-coloured moles. This condition is hereditary and should be monitored carefully by consulting a dermatologist at least annually or immediately if moles change.

Breast cancer

If a woman’s mother, sister or another member of her immediate family had cancer, especially at a very early age, and if it occurred in both breasts, the chances of her contracting breast cancer are much greater. Cansa recommends annual mammograms from the age of 40, unless breast cancer is in the family — in which case it’s important to consult your doctor on when to start mammograms.

Colo-rectal cancer

Familial poloposis coli (finger-like growths in the large intenstine), which are hereditary, may cause cancer in people age 20-30 years. It’s vital that anyone with a familial history of this disease undergoes a colonoscopy on a regular basis, especially if the family tendency is to contract the diseases at a young age.


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