Why intelligent people are “lonely”

Intelligence can be burdensome and it can make you feel isolatef from others. This is because intelligent people see the woeld differently and observe things that regular people don’t. Then how does intelligence adds to intellectual loneliness, emotional loneliness, physical loneliness etc.

1. New thoughts constantly

Intelligent people process information quite effectively and effortiessly which means they need a constant stream of new thoughts which is difficult for simple people to provide.

2. Love for solitude

Intelligent people like spending time alone away from the disturbances and the distractiond of their regular day to day lives. This means that, to some degree, they do impose themselves to abit of loneliness.

3. Intelligence seeks intelligence

Just a quick question. How many people do you know in your life who can truly call intelligence? It may not be alot. Everyone, they need someone to be on the same page with hence the absense of someone with the sme intellectual capacity pushes them to loneliness.

4. Intelligent people may not be that expressive

Intelligent people don’t express themselves to everyone. Also they may not be able to express their emotions in a way in which they would have liked to. Sometimes, thwir expressive inabilities, at times, may give the person the wrong idea.

5. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is also a kind of intelligence and such people are known as empaths. They have thos unique ability to feel things by putting themselves in other peoples shoes and understanding emotions from their perspective. Emotional intelligence leads to emotional loneliness. They therefore, feel deep emotions but very few feel their emotions in turn, making them lonely, emotionally.


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