Simple ways for Entrepreneurs to build their presence

“The more you give, the more you get.”

Opinions are expressed by entreprenuer, contributors are their own.

Being an entreprenuer is all about getting out there. You can build your presence in a number og ways.

The first by communicating with those in your network regularly.

Think about the value you are able to provide to others. How can you help them? Are you able to connect them with someone who can furthet their business? Can you provide some other type of support? Reach out by phone, email and in person. Attend networking events and meetings. Take advantage of all the wonderful people in your circle and always assist when you can.

You can also build presence by creating thought leadership pieces.

These can be videos or in written form. What knowledge or tips can help others and entice them to want to hear more from you? Be consistent and be thoughtful about what you are putting out there.

Bottom line: When you give, you get alot in return. Be sure to volunteer. You’ll meet a lot of terrific people and have a posirive impact on society at the same time. It will also attract others to your business and make you a more interesting person. Remember that building presense won’t happen overnight. Stick with it and you’ll be suprisef at the results.


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