Four things that could send you to an early grave

Nobody wants to die early. However there are certain habits in ones lifr that can be a orerequisite to early death.

According to PLOS Medicine journal, habits such as sitting down for long hours or sleeping for long hours could lead you to an early grave. Such habits must be avoided by all means.

Here are four things that could lead you to an early grave according to the journal.

1. Smoking

Cigarrete is not gopd for your health. Excessive smoking can lead you to death. Smoking affects the perfomance of lungs. When the lungs become weaket your risk of death rises. Avoid smoking if you want to live long.

2. Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is rampant among peoplr of different ages. Drunkards die earlier than their real age. Alcohol can lead to different diseases including liver cirhosis. Both men and women who take alcohol risk early death.

3. Deitary Behaviour

The foods you eat determine your health. There are certain foods that are not ideal for your health.

For instance foods with too much sugar and fats are not recommended for your diet. These foods should be avoided all the time if you want to live up to your 80’s. The foods affect the perfomance of different organs hence they should not be part of your diet.

4. Physical activity

Do you engage in physical activities? The body needd to be active. Lack of exercise makes you weaker. Too much of it is not also good. Makr sure you work out regularly for good.

You are;

The books you read, films you watch, the music you listen to, the people you spend time with, the conversation you engage in.


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