3 love language you should employ in your relationship

Employing the love language of physical touch is important in keeping your love alive.

Healthy and longlasting relationship require open and honesy communication. This communication is helpful once partners know the love languages in a relationship.

1. Taking out and spending time together

Ensuring you spend time one on one with your partner more often is a love language so critical in having long lasting relationship. To have this create thoughtful gifts and geatures, plan day outs with your spouse and choose what your partner will enjoy and be happy with it.

Make sure you said at all cost distrations.

2. Words of affirmation

Offering your partner a listening ear and support where they need your help is a love language that will keep your relationship blossoming. Appreciate the small deeds they do to you, encourage them to do better, emphathize with them when faced by difficult situation and affirm your presence anytime.

You must try as much as you can to avoid any negative criticsm or innappreciative words that might discourage your partners.

3. Physical touch

A health and lasting relationship needs thid love language as often as possible showing affection in kissing, hug or holding hands with your partner play an important role in keeping your love alive.


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