Man sets world record for sitting on toilet bowl for week

A man recently set a new world record for the longest time spent on a toilet, after spending five days on a toilet bowl.

After breaking the world record for the longest yime slent ironing non-stop (82 hours) in 2016, 48-year-old Jimmy De Frenne, from Belgium, set his sights on another bizzare world record attempt-the longest time spent sitting on a toilet bowl.

There was no official record to break as Guinness World Records had no such category, but De Frenne had heard of a man who had allegedly spent 100 hours sitting on a “throne” and thought he could do better.

He set himself a goal of 168 hours and apent almost five days last week sitting on a toilet bowl at Filip’s Place bar in Ostend, but had to quit after only 116 hours as his body couldn’t handle it anymore.

“I was very tired and my legs hurt but I believe in my success and try to make this record official,” the 48-year-old bus driver in training told reporters.

De Fremw was allowed a five minute break every hour, which he could accumulate over several hours to use as sleeping time or, ironically, toilet breaks, as his record attempt bowl wasn’t actually connected to plumbing. Even so, he reportedly only got three hours of sleep over almost five days, and on Friday last week he had to call it quits.

Wanted to stay a week

“I wanted to spend a whole week sitting on a toilet bowl, but my body just didn’t want ro go on so I decided it was best to stop,” Jimmy De Frenne wrote on social media. “I am proud, but also a bit dissapointed that I did not reach my goal. I am very grateful to the people who have helped me ocer the padt few days. Everyone was very supportive, we dis it as a team.”

Even though he couldn’t reach his goal of 168hours, 116 hours is still the longest anyone has ever spent on a toilet bowl (as far as we know) and De Frenne is hopeful that his attempt will be acknowledged as an official woelrld record.

There were no Guinness Records representatives present at Filip’s Place, but he had local officials and witnesses making checks to validate it.

De Frenne was also able to raise some money for chariry while sitting the toilet bowl, by charging visitors for photos with himduring the unusual record attempt.

He raised €250 (Sh28,966) which he plans to donate to a local charity.


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