1. He gets along with everyone

A funny guy will fit in any social class. He can easily have engaging conversations with your friends, family members and even the stranger he comes across. This will help you make more friends especially if you accompany him to different events.

2. He will help you become more positive

Funny guys draw humour from both challanging and smooth life experiencr. He will have a positive look on life and this will help you in feeling better about challanges and you will always focus on positive attitude.

3. You will never be in bad mood for long

Funny guys have a way of erasing that from your face. He will not allow you to feel sad or sorry for yourself for long because he will always be there to lighten up your mood.

4. You will have space to be yourself

A funny guy will never force you to be someone you are not. They will use their humour to downplay anything humiliating you went through or did. He will use jokes and stories to help you with accepting who you are.


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