Top shoe verdicts for ladies

Avoid extreme heels or extreme flats. If you must wear heels, avoid wearing them for long. Look for low wedges or flats with a low heel.

Stretch leg muscles before and after putting them on.

Wear a heel of two inches or less if you plan to wear them for an extended period.

Consider wearing supportive and comfortable shoes during your commute to and from work and changing into heels after you arrive at the office to reduce the time your feet spend on them.

Avoid pointed-toe shoes. Ensure there is room in the toe box for you wiggle your toes.

Buy a wide variety of shoes and vary your footwear day-to-day.

Choose a thicker heel over a pointed one for maximum support.

Look for rubber soles and not slick, hard leather for more grip on the ground.

Wear rubber shoes with memory foam insoles.


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