When you joined university, a huge party was held in your honour. Someone said prayers. Others danced. Another said said something about the fire that awaits fornicators and drunkards.

An aunt insisted that it was important to ensure that you left the place with two degrees, that course which you went to pursue, and of course, a partner.

If you tried harder, you would leave with three. A child being the third. How you would feed them would be your personal problem. Then there was the one uncle who said something about you goung to him for a job when you completed your course. A family friend echoed that promise.

Two years later, while hunting for place to do your field attachment , you tried to cash in those promises. The family friend, after ignoring several of your calls, sent you a text saying they were out of the country and would not be back for couple if months.

The uncle on the other hand, said something about his place of work being packed with interns. That he would try harder and in a month or two, he would come through for you. That never happened and would never happen; not even with a degree certificate in hand.

Other people would hold your hand later, because you took time to network not because of barren promises they made to impress your parents.

These networks who later offer to hold your hand will open doors that imagined closed. They will offer you seats at tables that you did not imagine existed, invite you to events to network and find your navigation to find a way through the winded road that is adulthood and employment.

We livein an era where connections are an unspoken yet expected reference on one’s resume. An age where who you know is more important than what you know because everyone is trying to ensure someone they know is occupying an empty seat they can influence.

A time when jobs can be earnef with a phone call from the right person to the right person and where your degree is useful and your skills valuable, but not enough to have a panel of interviewers listen. Go out and creat your godfather.


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