Why you should block your ex on social media after break up

The bigest post -break up dilemma; to block the Ex or not to block the Ex on social media? I have a friend who is adamant that blocking an ex on social media is pretty and immature.

As a person who has blocked on Ex on social media in the past, I beg to differ.

Some people think that deleting Exes on social media is nothing but a pathentic attempt to try and get back at them for breaking your heart.

This is not always the case, When I made the decision to block my Ex on all my social media platforms , I wasn’t trying to hurt him. In fact, it had nothing to do with him at all. I did it for me.

Most people don’t realizr this but creating distance between youtmrself and your Ex is crucial to getting over a break up.

There is nothing childish and immature about prioritising your healing by taking yourself out out of the painful situation.

I have been in this situation in the past where I decided to do the ‘mature’ thing and kept my Ex as my friend on social media after a painful break up.

Thay was the worst decision of my life. Instead of healing and getting over the break up, I was being dealth painful blow after painful blow because I had a front row seat to his life after me.

The first blow was when he changed his status from “in a relationship” to “single”. Sure, that was bounf to happen sooner ir latet but seeing it felt like he was breaking up with me all over again.

The next blow was seeing how active his social life was post break up while I couldn’t even get my self to get out of bed and take shower.

It always sucks to see your Ex moving on with their life and enjoying themselves after the break up, especially if you are still hurting. Then came the final blow; when he started dating up again.

The last thing you want to see while trying to get over a break up is your ex cannodling with a new woman. It is soul ceushing.

Why put yourself through all this when blocking is an option? My Ex didn’t even have to post anything instigative to make me feel bad.

Just seeing his name popping up on mt feed would put a damper on my day.

Scrolling through his profile on days when I missed him and seeing pictures of us in happier times didn’t help in my recovery journeu either. I would have my self so much pain if I had just blocked gim right off the bat.

Social media should be a positive experience.

Having said that, seeing your Ex happily movibg on after a painful break up will always be downwr so why not block him and save your self the anguish?

Forget qhat the public jury of social media says. You don’t have to sit in your Ex’s social media audience as you are trying to heal. In any case, you can always unblock him and befriend after you have gotten over him and think you can have a healthy friendship.

I conclusion, it is okay to block an Ex on social media even if the relationship didn’t end on bad terms if you need the time aoart to heal.


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