Why the obsession with soap operas among our women?

For as long as men can remember, our women have remained slave to certain TV programs. Buy none of the programs captures their imagination to an almost stupendous proporyions than than those predictable soap operas.

Little wonder, then, that local TV line ups overflow with those Mexican exports. It’s unfortunate that after watching those soap operas, many a girl’s imagination runs wild.

She starts to think its possible to duplicate the soap opera lifestyle in real life. “Oh my gosh…I just want a wedding like that of Camila,” a woman would say. “Wow …how I wish I meet a dude with muscles like Alejandro. He’s so hot,” another one would gush.

Lokk here girls, stoo those jokes. Stop dreaming, wake up and smell the coffee; the reality is that our life can never be what we see in movies anf shops. There may be some things in the soaps which you can easily relate to, but in general whatever appears on TV is not reality. A lot of stuff is scripted.

I have on several occassions heard from many men that they prefer ‘real’ things and hate stuff that is generally emotions-driven. “The emotional nature and lack of reality in soap are probably the biggest reasons for men disliking them” argues my good pal Paula. Of course, there could be other reasons.

The majority of men absolutrly hate soap operas because they know women like to compare their live with what they watch in thosr flicks, conveniently forgetting that most of it is being acted.

Unfortunately, most women for some strange reasons want to relive most of the moments they watch in soals. The other day we were having a drink, waiting to catch the Manchester United vs Liverpool game. Next table there were two gorls who looked like they were waiting to their ‘big break’

But while the rest of us were consumed by the anxiety of the game, the girls spent the entire time chattering about nothing else but a soap opera.

A good friend of mine, Mark, sats that in his initial days with the memsahib, life was a bit tricky for him because she gad gotten used to watching virtually every soap opera on TV as she lived alone. But when they started living together everyone had his or her interest on TV.

The battle for the remote was suddenly sowing seeds of discontent in their early marriage. For one, Mark couldcot comprehend how he would have to pay TV so as not miss any of the action packed sports offering or good abd enlightening documentaries. But here was his young partner still stuck to watching irritatng soaps on free to air channels.

Women must stop taking soap operas as the life’s guide book. The perfectly scripted characters on the silver screen can never be found around the corner and the more they go searching for one, the more frustuating it getss for them un real life.

Meanwhile, their TV wannabe continues to enjoy horse rides in some expansive ranches, oblivious of a country called Kenya.


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