Why are hustlers easy targets for fraudsters?

Media reports show that hustlers are predominantly the victims of fraud. This includes buying fake power tokens, being arrested by police at night and forced to pay for their freedom and buying fake products. Being a hustler is already a big struggle, which makes any other burden unwelcome. Hustlers fall victim to fraud for a number of reasons.

1. They tend to be very trusting

As a result of religion and traditon, thwy have learnt to trust those in authority; it doesn’t matter if it’s economic or political authority. I was once conned on Ronald Ngala Street in Nairobi by a woman who asked me for bus fare, but insisted she didn’t want the money. All she wanted was for me to pay for her fare to Wangigi, where I had just come from. I discovered I had been conned after another person asked me for the same thing.

2. You’reore likely to be a victim of fraud if you have no money

Hustlers, by nature, have little money, so any deal that promises them mpre of it is welcome. Hustlers are like bees, they work hard to make honey. From fake fertilisers to tokens, anything cheaper is considered better. We could argue that’s also why they bet- for with only a few shillings, you could win millions.

3. There’s a general lack of information

You need information to avoid being defrauded. I recall reports of fake gold. How many have seen gold? I remember a job advert with two emails, one with the familiar name of a big firm, except with a few tweaks, and the other an individual email. Once the email to big firm bounces, you resort to the other, and then the email owner demands some money. But how many will confirm the real email adress of abig corporate? A hustler migjt not have data bundles.

4. Patterns

Hustling is not easy and one easily develops a routine, and it is this pattern of activities that fraudsters capitalise on. Whether they’re religious conmen, witch doctors or traders selling fake products, they seem to ‘talk to you’ ; they know about you, your family, dislikes and so on. They’ve studied our behaviour, which makes us vulnerable. Casanovas use the same trick. The effluent rarely havr a routine, though they can be vulnerable online.

5. Hustlers are rarely protected

They’re on their own. They walk at night, whick leaves them vulnerablw to being arrested by the police, while the affluent are in their cars. They can call their lawyers, while most histlers can only call a relative. Hustlers are also victims of political fraud, with politicians promising heaven around election time. To confirm hustlers’ vulnerability, they give them small amounts of money to get their vote.

Socially, mentally, economically and politically, hustlers are victims of fraud. Even laws and regilations are often aganaist them. What is loitering, for instance, which has its origins in colonialism? Is getting rich the only way to escape fraud for hustlers? Advanced societies are known for taking care of theie weak, not pampering the strong. Perhaps that’s why coeruption is so popular, as hustlers try to gain freedom and respect by making money as quickly as possible. Can someone finf out if a hustling background increases your propensity to be corrupt?

It’s time we protected hustlers; they’re already weakened by the struggles of life. The hallmark of a great society is how it protects the weakest, not the strongest.


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