Five elements of life: A must attend music extravaganza


Charities has organised an inspirational musical concert this morning at 10am and in the evening at 6pm, at Oshwal Centre Auditorium, Westlands.

The showing- based on the religious hymns, bhajans and the Baps faith- is aptly titled “The Five Elements of Life.”

It features the indian singer of international repute, Jaydeep Swadi, and his group of illustrious musicians.

BAPS Kenya is part if an international religious, cultural and charitable organisation committed to serve the world by caring for indoviduals, families and communities. The istitution’s Kenyan Chapter is actively involved in providing medical facilities and awardinhg scholarships to deserving Kenyans. It has nlt forgotten the environmental issues as its members frequently plant trees and actively collect old newspapers and aluminium cans for recycling.

The Sanstha, or group, is also involved in community outreaxh and disaster relief activities.

The religious organisation founded on the pillars of practical spiritually reaches out far and wide to adress the spiritual, moral and social challanges of the society in general and devotees of Swamijee in particular. Millions of followers have taken vows to lead an honest and upright life dedicated to serve others. No impurity of body or mind; pure morality and spiruality from the foundation of the humanitarian services perfomed by BAPS.

Jaydeep Swadia is a well-known and respected performer who repertoire of hymns and bhajans has a large, dedicated fan base not only signs but also projects the tenets of faith in a manner that is reportedly loved and adored by thr audience.

He has recorded several albums which are best sellers, including Hari Akshar, Swarse Ishwar and In Search of the Truth. The singer and his group of musicians has perfomed successfuly in Canada, USA and England. His Kenya visit is most welcome by not only the BAPS faithful but also by connoissers of religious music.

Advance booking plans are open at Karibu Travels and Tours Ltd and Pins and Needles Diamond Plaza.

You can also contact BAPS for further information about the musical concert. Tickets are also available at the gate.

July cultural showers bring home some theoritical news for us as well. Wacha Story Kenya and Vibgyor have announced that its next stage presentation will be Dimwits in the last few days of this month.

To meet the Dimwits and learn more about what they are involved in, your best best is to read this column in days to com.


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