5 Critical elements of a great fitness regime

1. Flexibility

This naturally reduces the older we become, but if we consistently stretch our muscles, they remain nimble. Flexibility reduces body stiffness and injuries.

2. Muscular endurance

This is stamina. How long can your muscles last before they tire out? How far can you push your self?

3. Muscular strength

How much can your body lift, what’s the capacity of your upper body and lower body strength?

4. Muscular composition

The more muscle in your body, the easier you burn fat and stay toned. Muscles improve digestion and metabolism.

5. Cardiorespiratory endurance

This is the most importanr of all becahse it improves the efficiency of your lungs and circulation of oxygen in the body. Many lifestyle diseases are a result of a lack of movement, and cardio fixes these problem.


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